Kroger introduces Smart Self-Checkout Carts

For shoppers who want to avoid the long Point of Sale, POS lines at the stores, Kroger has introduced smart self-checkout carts where a shopper does the shopping from beginning to payment all alone without having to wait in the line.

The electrically charged carts are stacked alongside the regular carts at the Westerville, Ohio branch, and they are fitted with display screen, smart POS equipment and bags.

An official told New Americans magazine that “it is very easy to use. Any shopper that prefers to shop with any of the cart can pick up one, scan the Kroger’s card if they have one, and start shopping. Every item picked is scanned and put into the bag or cart.

“As they are scanning and putting them into the bag, everything is showing on the display screen and calculating the amount. At the end, the amount is totaled and payment with the debit or credit card is done on the POS.”

However, the Kroger staff explained that “if the customer is purchasing any drink with alcohol, the customer would have to see a Kroger staff to show the identity card to determine the legal age for such purchase. “

Taiwo Akinlami told the New Americans magazine that “this is very unique. The creators were thinking of making shopping easier for shoppers by coming up with this smart self-checkout cart.”

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Deba Uwadiae
Deba Uwadiae is a Nigeran American international journalist, Editor-In-Chief and publisher of the New Americans Magazines, Columbus, Ohio, United States. He has reported events and stories from different countries in Africa, Europe, Asia and North America.

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