CTC Benefits HQ adds Sesame Telehealth Plan to its platform

CTC Benefits HQ, a one-stop shop platform that connects users to a diverse marketplace of world-class providers and benefits has added Sesame Telehealth Plan to its platform for users to gain access to thousands of top-tier healthcare providers spanning all 50 states for only $25 per month.

“Sesame Care is a pay for service telehealth provider that has doctors who are able to consult and prescribe medication when needed, with a strong emphasis on mental health,” said CTC Benefits HQ representative Sindy Mondesir.

“Once you are a member, your Telemed and Mental Wellness visits cost only $15 per visit. This program suits both insured and uninsured individuals seeking high-quality, convenient medical care at highly competitive prices.”

Sindy said “Sesame Care provides support in over 40 languages and understands the need to be understood when navigating healthcare is priority.

“There is 10% discount code the value of the appliance warranty for individuals and families that are looking for ways to maximize their dollars.”

Any participant that signs up for the program will enjoy a Prescription Discount Program at no charge, making it even easier to manage their medical costs.

For over two decades, CTC has been a trailblazer in aggregating products and services from telecommunications and office supplies to employee supplemental services and warranty protections. It serves as a vital link between vendors and end-users, thereby supporting its member partners.

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Deba Uwadiae
Deba Uwadiae is a Nigeran American international journalist, Editor-In-Chief and publisher of the New Americans Magazines, Columbus, Ohio, United States. He has reported events and stories from different countries in Africa, Europe, Asia and North America.

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