A Need for Credit Repair

Are you preparing to apply for a loan? It is important to get a credit report before applying. Also, the creditors and lenders such as banks and credit card companies will carry out credit evaluation or scores of whoever is applying for loan. Therefore, preparation requires that an applicant gets a credit report prior to making a loan application to clear up any discrepancies. These include applications for private student loans and other installment loans, too. A credit score tells lenders about the creditworthiness of the applicant (how the applicant is likely to pay back a loan based on the credit history). Credit Repair specialist Quentin Patterson outlines procedures for credit repair.

Quentin Patterson

Credit Repair

Credit repair is for the people who have less than stellar credit and have desires to have a better FICO score.   A FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) score that falls below 550 is considered bad credit by the credit bureaus TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax, the nationwide credit reporting companies.


Applicants who want their credit score to be higher to save them money on interest rates and want better buying power are in need of having their credit repaired. In 2019, 3.2 million fraud cases have been reported by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), identity theft accounted for 33% were the most common type of fraud. The people then become victims in these cases by having credit cards in their name that they have never applied for. These are the people that need their credit repaired.


Potential clients are asked about their report and what are their goals for repairing their credit. As long as the clients aren’t embellishing the truth about what will be viewed on their report or trying to commit fraud themselves then they will qualify for services of credit repair.


The expectations for the client are to reach their overall goal that was discussed during the consultation. For some it’s to qualify for a mortgage, a new car, to get a loan for a business, to build credit to save on interest rates, and to just get out of debt.


Things that will disqualify applicants from receiving credit repair services are things like fraud and not being honest with their report.


I’m here to make improvements to the credit profile (report on TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax) and show the creditors that the applicants are trustworthy to receive lines of credit at a very good interest rate. I would love to have repeat clients, but my goal is to educate them on how to utilize their newfound excellent credit, so they don’t have to fail their creditworthiness test again. However, I will take on a previous client if they need my services again.


Patience, you didn’t get the bad credit overnight so I would advise the clients to be patient with their credit repair professional.  I would advise them to stay active with the repair person and keep all documents received by mail and get them to the credit person promptly. It helps them contact the creditors on behalf of the client in a timely manner.

Do not apply for new credit while the process of repairing your credit is in progress. It can have a negative effect on the report. Remember your goals and stick to the plan to reach what you and your credit professional discussed during the initial consultation. It will save you time and a lot of headaches, and not to mention, it will save you money when you no longer have to be viewed as a credit risk to TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax (creditors); and have to pay higher interest rates on purchases. (Quentin Patterson is a Credit Repair Specialist. Email: Tel: 6149000267)

Deba Uwadiae
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