Sims Car detailing knows a clean vehicle can transform a person’s smile

By Okon Ekpenyong

During the pandemic, when word spread, Sims Maswels was detailing people’s cars in his driveway, making house calls, and transforming their rides from “What in Jesus’ name to, Did you get a new car?” That’s when the word got out that Sims Car Detailing knows that a clean vehicle could make a difference in someone’s life.

Underneath the suit and tie, Sims Maswels is a jack of all trades, bold in tackling a project that most people would pass on. This philanthropist, who founded Drills 4 Life to provide clean drinking water to his home country, Zimbabwe, and Sahara Africa, is also a car enthusiast. Every auto enthusiast knows how important it is to keep their ride’s interior and exterior clean.

Sims Car Detailing is a professional car detailing service located at 5650 Groveport Rd in Groveport, Ohio. They specialize in making cars look like they came from the car dealership, no matter how dirty or muddy. They use the latest car detailing products and techniques to make your car look new. Their experienced and knowledgeable staff will make sure your car looks its best.

While some will say, “I can do it myself,” it can get pretty pricey at times; however, as we age, we realize that the finest things in life aren’t cheap, regardless of whether you do them yourself. Maswels detailed my car at Sims Car Detailing; wow, it made a difference.

As a Ulift or Uber driver, your car’s interior and exterior cleanliness is significant in customer reviews. Your vehicle’s lack of maintenance may be the deal breaker for a potential buyer, whether you are renting it out or selling it. Parents with children get frustrated that the back seat area is full of chocolate, chips, and snacks for their kids, or other car areas with toys everywhere. Sometimes you’ll be surprised what you find after cleaning your car, but you initially thought you lost it.

Also, there is a tendency among drivers to eat while driving, which is not advisable since it is distracting, and the food crumbs fall into places their hands and fingers cannot reach. It will accumulate unless you constantly clean it up.

Groveport Location

Sims Car Detailing partnered with 7GE Exotics, a premier luxury and exotic car rental business, to have their office next door and re-detail luxury cars after rental.

“When Sims received a call in August 2020 from 7GE’s owner, we decided to partner up with them, and then we learned that there was space next to their building that we could use. There was much junk in there, but the company paid for someone to come in and clean it up,” said Maswels.

As the 7 GE grew, so was Sims Cars Detailing, and customers kept calling to book appointments. The original space that Sims Cars Detailing used only had one garage opening, and detailing took much work to move the cars in and out.

“Whenever a customer returns one of their cars, we wipe it down, wash the exterior and, vacuum the interior, then put it back on the line. Most consumer cars have a scratch on them, and the interior needs a little more work before we can detail them correctly.”

Cars Detailing Breakdown

There are several tools that Sims Cars Detailing uses, including pressure washers, steam cleaners, carpet extractors that work with cold water or hot water, a variety of chemicals, car detailing brushes, sets of microfiber towels for glass, waxing, interior cleaning, and wash mitts. In addition, to wash mitts, there are washers, sanitizer buckets, polishers, and polishing pads to clean rims and engine bays.

For businesses like Sims Cars Detailing, detailing a car’s interior and exterior is a lengthy process, and they steam both parts of the car simultaneously. The price and services vary depending on the level of detailing you need for your car. Additionally, engine bay detailing can enhance performance and aesthetics. “It is essential to have different types of chemicals for proper car care when detailing,” said Maswels. For this reason, it’s wise to purchase a complete set of chemicals, each for different parts of the vehicle, such as paint protection, engine and wheel cleaning, interior cleaning, clay lubrication, exterior washing, and much more.

For an exterior detail, it will take 30-45 minutes, including a wash, clay bar, and wax, and for an interior, that would take 45-60 minutes, without stain removal, and up to 3 hours for a deep interior clean. Detailing interiors requires using vacuums, steam cleaners, and ozone generators.

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Deba Uwadiae
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