Ohio reopens buffet, banquet and catering services Sept. 24

2 years ago
  • Limits Tables to 10 persons
  • Limits Banquet services to 300 persons
  • Permits entertainment

Ohio State has approved the reopening of all restaurants, bars, banquet and catering facilities and services and other like businesses and operations, which have the onsite consumption of food, beer, wine and liquor from Thursday, September 24, 2020.

They are required to comply with all workplace safety standards set to combat the spread of Covid19.

“These businesses and operations are encouraged to either reopen or remain open if they have not ceased operation during the prior Stay at Home or other Ohio Department of Health orders,” according to a statement from the office of Governor Mike DeWine.

“Businesses and operations shall continue to comply with Social Distancing Requirements as defined in this Order, including by maintaining six-foot social distancing for both employees and members of the public when possible, including, but not limited to, when any customers are standing in line.”

Also contained in the latest directives signed by Interim Director of Health Lance Himes are:

  • Tables are to be limited to no more than 10 persons.
  • Banquet and Catering Facilities and Services are to be limited to no more than 300 persons.
  • Live entertainment is permitted. Customers must be seated when consuming food, beer, wine and liquor on the premises of the business.

The order said that “the open congregate areas in restaurants, bars, banquet and catering facilities (billiards, card playing, pinball games, video games, arcade games, , entertainment) are permitted to open but businesses must follow all social distancing guidelines as well as sanitation guidelines as provided in this and other orders.”

“All retail food establishments that are regulated by the Ohio Department of Agriculture are permitted to resume use of their self-service food stations in accordance with guidance from the Department of Health.”

“Businesses must require all customers, patrons, visitors, contractors, vendors and similar individuals to use facial coverings, except for specially documented legal, life, health or safety considerations and limited documented security considerations.”

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