Franklin County Real Estate makes sales of $709M in October

2 years ago
  • 2,950 total sales
  • $ 210,000 median sale price
  • $ 709 million in total sales

Ohio State Franklin County recorded sales of $709 million in the real estate in October 2020 compared to about $453 million in October 2019.

“New data from the Real Estate Sales Dashboard shows the number of home sales and the median sale price both increased in October compared to the same month last year,” said Franklin County Auditor Michael Stinziano.

The updated dashboard data shows that the number of sales in October increased by 810 compared to the same month last year, to a total of 2,950 property sales. The total sales amount was approximately $709 million for Franklin County – compared to roughly $453 million in October 2019. The numbers continue a trend that began last month with an increase in sales.

“The Franklin County housing market remains one of the hottest in the country,” Auditor Stinziano said. “The market has been resilient, despite economic headwinds from the pandemic.”

In addition, the median sale price in October 2020 rose to $210,000, compared to $177,750 in October 2019.

The median sale price increase continues a trend from the last half year: compared to the same month last year, the September median sales price rose 14 percent, the August median sale price rose 15 percent, the July median sales price rose 9 percent, the June median sale price rose 7 percent, and the May median sale price rose 11.35 percent.

The Real Estate Dashboard is a highly localized web app that shows recent home sales on a GIS map. The tool can display sales data by municipality, school district, or area commission, giving homeowners a better sense of sales activity in their neighborhoods.

“Your Franklin County Auditor’s office is using cutting edge, easy to use technologies to help Franklin County residents and businesses see housing trends in their communities,” Stinziano said.

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